Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another example of Free Trade

They put melamine in baby food but won't buy 'Low-pathogen avian flu ' that ' poses no threat to human health' ....

Free trade ... what's not to like !

China to lift ban on U.S. poultry

YORBA LINDA, California (AP) -- China has agreed to partially lift a ban on poultry exports from several U.S. states.

The announcement came Tuesday after a day of talks between Chinese and U.S. trade officials at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan says his country will now accept poultry from six of the eight U.S. states that China had placed under a ban. Those include Connecticut, New York, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Nebraska. A ban still applies to Arkansas and Virginia.

The bans were put into place after low-pathogen avian flu was found in the states in recent years. Low-pathogen avian flu poses no threat to human health, unlike its more virulent cousin.

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