Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jerry Manuel's firing from Mets - A liberal view

Jerry Manuel was fired 2 weeks back as the manager of the NY Mets baseball team after 2 years of high hopes for the team but resulting with poor results.

A liberal's view of Manuel's management record after 2 years might echo Obama's term as president, except of course that fans are much more demanding for results from sports people than from politicians:
  • He only had 2 years under his belt
  • He inherited a mess from the previous manager (i.e. administration)
  • He is not being given enough time due to racism
  • While there was a vast increase in spending on players and infrastructure (new stadium) in the two years, there was no corresponding increase in wins or attendance.
  • Results (a pennant) were promised immediately.
  • The fans (i.e. taxpayers) were promised no increases in tickets (taxes) because of the spending, but everything from tickets to hot dogs and beer increased (taxes and fees).
These management techniques did not seem to help the outcome:
  • They hired the best players (Ivy Leaguers) .
  • Diversity in the management team and the players.

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